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About us

BHP is a world-leading resources company. We extract and process minerals, oil and gas and our products are sold worldwide. Our global headquarters are in Melbourne, Australia.

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Structure and strategy

A disciplined approach. A proven strategy.

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Our leaders are required to hold themselves accountable for living our Company values.

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Our Charter

The BHP Charter describes our purpose and values and how we measure our success. Our Charter is the single most important means by which we communicate who we are, what we do, and what we stand for as an organisation, and is the basis for our decision-making.

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Our Code of Conduct

Whether you’re an employee, supplier, customer or shareholder, we invite you to discover and learn the way in which we operate internally and externally, in a manner that is both respectful of people and the law.

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We are committed to the highest level of governance and strive to foster a culture that values and rewards exemplary ethical standards, personal and corporate integrity and respect for others.

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