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About Marketing

Marketing and supply is an interdependent core business of BHP. It is the link between BHP’s global operations, our customers and our local and global suppliers. It is aligned to our asset groups - Minerals Australia, Minerals America and Petroleum.

It’s how we take our iron ore mined in Australia and sell it to customers in China to make steel. It’s how we connect a fabricator in Japan with copper cathode from our Chilean operations and how we pump oil in the Gulf of Mexico to fuel US transport.

Our Marketing business adds value by understanding our customers’ needs and connecting them with the right product, working with the assets to maximise the value of upstream resources, optimising freight and distribution costs and ensuring the Company-wide view of commodity markets is well informed and insightful. This allows the assets to focus on safety, production and cost, while Marketing focuses on optimising realised prices and sales outcomes.

Supply is our global procurement division, which purchases the goods and services that are used by our assets, working with our assets to optimise equipment performance, reduce operating cost and improve working capital. Supply manages supply chain risk and develops sustainable relationships with both global suppliers and local businesses in our communities.

For more information on our Marketing business, read our 2018 Annual Report.

Arnoud Balhuizen

Chief Commercial Officer

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